Like Father like Son!

As Quinn grows we have found we are constantly on the look out for new ways to occupy him in the car. He started out loving rides without any distraction, after about 2 months he started REALLY disliking the restriction of his car seat. We started driving with one of us in the back to pay attention to him when possible. That worked for a while, but little by little he started ignoring our attempts to keep him happy back there. Our most recent discovery came out of desperation during our trips to the gym after work which we think Quinn enjoys less than any other time of the day. Lo and behold he likes playing with a tablet! His coordination is pretty poor but he definitely focuses and intentionally presses different areas of the screen. Most importantly, he usually stops crying!

The app in use and his current favorite is Baby Toy, available from the Play Store for Android

One response to “Like Father like Son!

  1. He is amazing! I really enjoyed the wonderful ceremony yesterday.
    It was wonderful to see and feel all the love and support for Quinn as well as for you and Caren. I love you very much. Mom

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