Bigger by the day.

We had been concerned about Quinn’s weight and if he was gaining enough, he was 7lbs at birth, lost almost a pound, and then got back to his birthweight. A week after that Caren took him in to be weighed and he was 7lbs 7ozs, which was obviously moving in the right direction but he hadn’t had an appointment with the MD or a weigh in for over a month. For his 7 week checkup Caren watched nervously as they weighed him hoping to hear he was 9lbs, all the feedings and supplementing had to have gotten him to 9lbs.

Then the nurse said, “10 pounds, 10 ounces.”, Caren was elated and I received a text a few minutes later announcing “And in this corner weighing in at a heafty 10lbs 10ozs the Mighty Quinn!!!” And Dad was elated too.

Our little love button has outstripped what Caren has been able to produce so the formula supplementation has obviously been packing on the ounces. Not that we are complaining, he was sooooo tiny in the beginning and we wanted some rolls! Now he has at least two rolls on his thigh and we are aiming for three. 🙂

A man's man.

A man’s man.

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