Watching a pot boil.

Six weeks

Half way to 3 months and finishing the fourth trimester!

Okay, I’m going to say something here that any woman who reads this is going to be offended by.

I cannot wait for the first 3 month to be over.

There. I said it, I mean it, and I’m not ashamed. There seems to be a fundamental divide between women and men on this issue. Before Quinn was born almost all the men I talked to said the first three months “kind of suck”. And…in my opinion they were all correct. Quinn is cute, I’ll give him that but he is kind of like having a hamster. He pees, he poos, he eats, wash, repeat. No real interaction or acknowledgement of anything except that it is time for him to eat, yet again.

For some reason, women react to this time in a completely different manner. Women swoon over a baby that stares, glassy eyed, through them at some unseen object or figment of their imagination. To each their own. Again, I do admit he is cute but I’m sorry to a man that only gets a baby so far. Men I suppose need to see the reactions the baby makes, the progress in a the baby’s ability to move, and generally a more responsive little person.

Does that make us, me, bad? I have to admit I do feel guilty on some level for not just sucking up every moment with joy, but I can say that as I have seen smiles and movement, reactions to sound and such I have found myself much more engaged with Quinn. I can’t wait to see what he is going to do for the first time next.  I have begun researching the stages of development and now become elated when I see them appear slowly but surely.

We are now six weeks into his life and I am now feeling more like he is our son and not just our baby.

One response to “Watching a pot boil.

  1. You are not alone, I know several women who feel this way too! It is more exciting when they respond to you, and when u can make your own child smile, there’s NOTHING like it! However, enjoy EVERY minute, you will never get them back 🙂

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