Witching Hour

So our little bundle of joy has been a pain in the butt lately starting around 8p. We love the little SOB but he really has been trying our patience. We have been trying to figure out what we were doing wrong. He would be changed, cleaned, fed, loved and still keep crying. The only thing we could do is feed him to console him. We hounded friends and family for information on what could be turning our angel into a hellion. After much deliberation we have settled on what some people call the “witching hour“, which isn’t really a great answer but just an acknowledgement that babies can have times that they are just not happy campers. 


It seems the advice on how to handle these horrible periods is a varied as the people giving it. At first we tried a little of everything, swaddling, unswaddling, singing, tickling, ignoring, rocking and nothing worked. We have found that feeding or dancing are the only things that seem to make it any better. Even those fail and we are left with a screaming, hysterical little monster. Eventually he does calm down and fall asleep, but it seems to be after he has ensured that Mom and Dad will get less than 5 hours sleep total each night.

We love our little punk, but we also can’t wait until this phase is over.

2 responses to “Witching Hour

  1. They all go through it! Lil’s was ALWAYS at 10pm, for quite a while. Even now, she always gets grumpy at 8. It will die down, and you will get used to it. It tries every bit of your patience, esp when poor Mom is still trying so hard to recover. But, remember this-they will NEVER be that little again. After someone told me that, I accepted the feedings at 1,3,5am…you guys are doing GREAT, and NEVER hesitate to ask for help! Love u guys!!!

  2. Sophia went through this too, guys. We were so convinced that she had colic because it would start around 730pm and go on for a few hours. Our Pediatrician said..”she’s a baby!” lol…anyway, We feel your pain, but don’t worry, they outgrow it! Oddly enough, we found ourselves singing The Chicken Dance a lot…for some reason, she loved it! HA!

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