Boy’s night in.

On Friday night Caren looked like a ghost, Quinn has been sucking her dry, literally. So I put her to bed at 8:30PM and set up the recliner in the living room as a bed and Quinn’s portable bassinet next to it. Caren had just fed Quinn before going to sleep so I kept him on my chest (skin to skin!) for over 4 hours while I watched Tosh.O episodes on the DVR. Eventually he woke up, crapped himself, a quick changing and Dad headed for a bottle (for Quinn!).

We have started to supplement with formula to give Caren a break and to satiate the little guy when he is ravenous. I’ll be honest though, I actually had not fed him by bottle or with formula before and I (somehow) didn’t hear Caren when she told me not to exceed 2ozs of formula as she went to bed.

So the little guy got approximately 3.5ozs, over an hour in my defense! And I kept him upright while eating and burped him regularly and high fived him every time he did a good one! He then crapped himself again and after another change we turned on the AC and slipped him into his bassinet.

Dad and Quinn slept side by side for another 3 hours until 3:30AM when even “Meet me at the ice cream truck”could not console him. So we went and woke sleeping beauty and Quinn was back with Mom.Boy’s night was officially over but it was just the first of many and Mom got the most sleep she has had since Quinn’s birth.

One response to “Boy’s night in.

  1. Great job Daddy! Poor Care, I’m glad she got a good chunk of rest, she needs it to stay sane & healthy! I’ll be home this week and will help in any way!!!

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