Second Week Down

Well, the little guy is 2 weeks old today, and he is doing just fine according to the pediatrician. His weight is back up to what it was at birth, 7lbs. His diapers are weighing more and his poo is beginning to stick. All good signs in my book. The jaudice is still there but it is definately decreased, especially noticable when you look at the sclera (whites of his eyes). The  erythema toxicum (infant acne) seems to have peaked and be resolving. We have found a swaddle product, called the Miracle Blanket that works better than an actual swaddle, you can change the diaper without breaking the swaddle and upsetting the baby. Kaya is beginning to warm to her younger brother, they made their first contact today and she went in an checked him out while he was sleeping this morning and wagged her tail.

As I am sure you are all dying to know Caren’s nipples are much improved and appear to be toughening up, though I did end up ordering some more hydrogel sheets and it was definately MUCH cheaper to shop around on the internet than just pick them up at the local big box baby store.

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