Papa and Auntie Caca

Papa and Auntie Caca were away on a cruise in Europe when Quinn was born and just got home. On Sunday they drove up to see the new addition. We had a nice time discussing their trip, Quinn’s bowel habits and Kaya’s difficulty adjusting. We all made a big deal over Kaya, especially Cathy, which Kaya really appreciated. My Dad did give a good bit of advice about helping a dog to adjust to a baby. We had been trying to include Kaya and Quinn is activities, apparently when my brother was born and our then dog Inky was having a hard time what he responded best to was one on one time with my Dad. I’ll have to try that over the next week.

My Dad was sharing all sorts of knowledge like, “See Cathy the male genitals are abnormally large in proportion to the rest of an infant.” during a diaper change. We all agreed if he hadn’t done so well in business he missed his calling not being in the medical field.

Papa K and Quinn together at last.

Business man extraordinaire, fiscal republican, still putty in the hands of Quinn.

Cathy loved Quinn, so much so she has talked my Dad into getting three more dogs! Way to go Cathy! That is so nice of you to agree to that Dad!

Caren showing proper baby soothing technique, swaddled and tilted slightly forward, hand under head to allow head to jiggle but still be protected.

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