First Supermarket Trip

Quinn had his first outing to the supermarket today! He did really well except at the checkout line he let us know he had a wet diaper. It is really funny being those people with cute baby and everyone is trying to get a look at. Interesting that the car seat locks onto the shopping cart the same way it locks onto the base in the car.

Today was a big one for the little guy. His Grandma and Great Grandma came by for a visit and Caren and them went for a walk together. After that we went to the supermarket, and after we got home we figured out how to use the breast pump. We aren’t sure how we will use it, but we figured it would be a good idea to get familiar with it since Quinn seems to be feeding more and more frequently. It is taking a lot out of Caren to always be at his beck and call, it would be nice if I could handle a feeding for her now and then.

We do have some concern over confusing Quinn with different nipples, but we will take things slow and not feed very often with a bottle for now.

In other news, what was left of Quinn’s cord fell off last night. No idea where it is but I guess it doesn’t matter. It also appears that the head of his penis has completely healed from the circumcision.

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