Last night Dad was at a tipping point. A full week of lights on 24hrs a day, feeding every 2-4 hours or for 2-4 hours at a time. Logging every little BM, void, and meal. Quinn always within arms reach at every moment. Dad not so politely let Mom know he was upset. After a cool down period, Mom finished feeding Quinn, Dad helped to get him ready for bed, put him in his crib and for the first time since his birth Mom and Dad laid down in bed together with the lights off. It only lasted a half hour but it was sorely needed. We let each other know what had been bothering us about the other’s behavior and we held each other, with no baby, and no dog.

I know it sounds so simple, but for a straight week, and rightfully so, every moment had been devoted to our new addition. We had hardly had time to process what was happening, what was working and what was not.

After a short time, as I said before, Quinn started crying, Dad answered the call and it turned out to be wet clothes, his little soldier must have been pointing up, little if any was in the diaper. Dad changed and cleaned him up. And Dad brought him back into our bedroom and laid him in the portable bassinet next to our bed. I think it was the first time Dad was able to stop Quinn from crying and completely rectify a situation since Quinn’s birth, because his stomach was already full. That felt good.

Quinn promptly fell back to sleep for 5, yes I said 5, glorious hours. Mom woke him up at 3 a.m. to force him to eat, and he went back to sleep for 4 more!

Okay, so tip #3 from the novice parents: Devote yourselves to your baby, but know when to remind yourselves you are devoted to each other as well.

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