One week check up.

We just got done with the one week return visit at the hospital. The nurse checked Caren and Quinn out and was pleased with what she found. Quinn has gained another couple of ounces and is now weighing in at a hefty 6lbs 9ozs and his jaudice seems to be abating. There was no official check of the jaundice level today but the nurse said as long as he is eating and eliminating regularly she has no concerns that it will not resolve on it’s own.

We asked some questions about feedings and if that is going normal as well. The nurse said that it is normal for Quinn to be “cluster feeding” at this point and to just go with the flow, he is in control, not us. We also wanted to know how long between feedings is too long, the answer was to not exceed 4 hours. This actually fits in exactly to what last night was like for Caren. Quinn fed almost continuously for 2 and a half hours and then slept for 4 straight hours overnight.

The nurse then took Caren’s staples out. The incision looks good, no sign of infection, no drainage, or bleeding. The left side of the incision is not at well approximated (sides not as well aligned, close together) so we will have to keep and eye on that but that is the only unusual finding. The nurse did a very good job of placing the steri-strips in alternating directions over the length of the incision so I don’t think we will have any problems, but you never know so I will check it regularly. Caren was instructed by the nurse and her personal nurse to keep the them dry and to pat them dry after showering, not to rub them or they may come off prematurely.

So, our next check up is with the pediatrician on Monday. Mom will have to get to that appointment alone unfortunately as her personal nurse will be going back to his regular job. Time is flying.

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