First BBQ

Today was Quinn’s first BBQ at Grampy Tom’s and Shana Suzanne’s. He was the hit of the party and all of the ladies were swooning over him. You can see by the picture that it went to his head!!



Even though Quinn was the center of attention, he still took the time to pose for a picture with his folks. We knew we raised him right!

3 responses to “First BBQ

  1. Love everything about these two pictures except the Windows Vista T-Shirt (I don’t think the baby should be exposed to something like that).

  2. Wow, you guys look great .. One would think you are actually getting sleep! I love hearing the “other side” of the story. Keep it up… it sounds like Quinn is training you well 🙂 Thanks so much for the card… it REALLY made my week !

    • Great to hear from you Laura! Hope all is well. Chime in if you have any advice or comments. Next to us, (and Grandma Jan of course) I think you had the next most involvement in bringing him into this world of anyone reading this blog. 🙂

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