Baby’s First Doctor Visit

Quinn just had his first pediatrician appointment. We could have waited until next week but since his bilirubin was climbing and his weight was down to 6lbs 6ozs from 7lbs and 6lbs 5ozs would be the magic 10% weight loss that would signal concern we wanted to get seen before the holiday weekend.

First Outing

Quinn on his first outing

We loved our pediatrician which is fortunate since we just decided on a group and not a specific MD. She reminded me of my sister Jenny who is also a pediatrician and told almost the same story about trying not to bottle feed with her first baby. So I thought I would cut to the chase and said we wanted her to be our regular doctor for Quinn. The doctor said the bilirubin level had climbed in the hospital but that from what she was seeing she was not concerned. She explained that the baby’s body is like a thermometer for jaundice, the head being the worst (or most apparent) and the feet being the least. Quinn’s feet looked almost normal, so even though his face is slightly jaundiced it is likely already decreasing but to call if it gets worse.

Quinn was also up to 6lbs 7ozs, which has to be taken with a grain of salt because of the difference between scales but he obviously did not lose a considerable amount and the doctor said we should just continue with what we are doing.

We both felt reassured that our diligence is paying off and will continue to work hard to get through this next week with a weight gain and decrease in the jaundice.

Keeping track of peeing, pooping, sleeping, and eating.

We have been keeping track of Quinn’s habits as well as our own so we can see where we need to improve. The newborn flow sheet we made is a work in progress but if anyone finds it useful please feel free to download it. It will be here in it’s latest form in PDF and DOC formats.

One response to “Baby’s First Doctor Visit

  1. Love the flow sheet… bm color, void color… reminds me of a certain wound sheet. 🙂
    You guys are doing great! Enjoy this next week together.

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