Up All Night


This is what a baby who has been up all night looks like. We won’t show you what we look like! 🙂

We didn’t believe the nurses when they said our little angel would be hell on wheels on the second night, boy were we wrong. Quinn was inconsolable all night. He would make all the cues that he was hungry and then refuse to latch and cry to high heaven. Even Caren who is one of the most patient and kind people in the world was getting ready to wring his  little neck, but we made it through.

We have learned that the newborn baby has a lot of learning about breast feeding, just like the new Mom and Dad. Frustration on both sides can lead to a very miserable night, but we have been assured by the nurses that this is the worst of if and in another day or two he will get better at feeding, the colostrum will run out and the true milk will come in. Once the milk comes in the newborn can get “milk drunk” very quickly and drift off into a deep sleep, let us hope.

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