Star Team!

Our nurse just came in to check on us and exclaimed, “He pooped, he peed, you walked, he is eating again! You guys are just doing it all. Can you go speak to the other families?” To our credit we are awesome, but that kind of goes without saying. Quinn just filled his second diaper, and Dad had him cleaned up and latched on in less than a minute. Caren walked approximately 250ft and peed twice since the catheter was removed. Dang we are good.

On a separate note: For any parents or parents to be we have our first recommendation. We were given a book called  The Happiest Baby on the Block  by my sister Jenny who is a pediatrician, and coincidentally our friends Erin and Cornel gave us the DVD and they are both priceless. They teach you how to console a screaming baby in minutes and give you a basic understanding why newborns behave like they do, it is the “fourth trimester”.

2 responses to “Star Team!

  1. SuperParents!!! That book is awesome…Lil always enjoyed it when we made a “heartbeat” sound and whispered it to her…or did the “Dinosaur sway”…you figure it out quickly 🙂

  2. I am currently reading The Happiest Toddler!! Sophia loved the “moonbounce” which was essentially Cornel holding her while doing squats and making spaceship… whatever works!

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