The arrival


Quinn Victor Kangas came into the world at 8:14am, on May 21st 2012, weighing in at 7lbs and measuring 19.5inches.

Quinn’s delivery was a planned c-section for a abnormally flat pelvis. We arrived at the hospital at 5:30am sharp, to find Janice (Grandma on Caren’s side) already standing guard at the entrance. We filled out some paperwork and the nurses went to town putting in a peripheral iv site, prepping Caren for surgery, and the like.

Dad to be was dressed in paper scrubs and had to wait in the recovery room alone until it was time to join Caren in the operating room, which felt like a day but was more likely a half hour.

On entering the operating room Dad was sat next to Mom’s head, there was a screen up so neither of us could see the surgery area. We held hands and talked under our breaths. Caren was understandably nervous, but once we could hear the docs talking about their families and the best insurances, etc we knew things we going fine.

Caren did describe the incredible pressure she felt when the baby was being removed as something she was told about but could not comprehend until it occurred. That lasted about 30 seconds and then we heard the sweet cries of our newborn baby boy.

We were allowed to hold him immediately, Caren felt unsure of herself holding him while being sutured up so Dad held Quinn until the screen was down and the docs were done.

From start to finish: 45 minutes.

One response to “The arrival

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, CAREN AND SCOTT!!! He is so adorable. I am so happy he is finally here in person! What a doll!! He is so lucky to have you as parents!!!

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